Hump Day Hook – Week 2

The 2012 DA14 Asteroid

On the same day a large asteroid 2012 DA14 passed within 17,200 miles of Earth – too close for comfort for most of us – a meteor exploded over Russia, shattering windows, and injuring more than 1000 people. Catastrophic impacts have been a part of Earth’s history. If we didn’t have oceans, erosion and plate tectonics to smooth over the evidence, our planet’s surface wouldn’t look much less cratered than… Read More »

Author Interview

Today, I was a guest in Susana’s Morning Room. During the interview, I answered questions Susana Ellis asked me about when I started writing, my writing habits, my new release, MESSAGE FROM VIOLA MARI, and even what’s under my bed (this is when the answers really start getting interesting…). If you’d like to see more, please go to

Guest Blog on Virtual Writers – Coping With Writer’s Block

If you could use some strategies for coping with writer’s block, please check out my post today on Virtual Writers.

Hump Day Hook – Week 1

My Husband – the "What I Just Read About" Guinea Pig

If I want to see my husband bolt like greased lightning from the room, all I have to do is say, “I just read about this in a romance novel and wondered if I could try it on you?” Since I say this pretty often, I’m thinking he might be fast enough to qualify for the next Olympics by year’s end. I devour books like some people go for chocolate… Read More »

Why Men Find Women Who Write Erotic Literature Intimidating

My husband treats me differently since I published my first romance novel. He’s seen my list of erotic words, read a few of my sex scenes and gets nervous whenever I tell him there’s something new I’d like to “try out” on him.

Why I Write First Drafts During the Super Bowl and When I Want to Avoid Chores

After I Facebook posted that I wrote 2800 words of a work in progress during the Super Bowl, I got a variety of public and private message comments. A few people thought I was a little nutty to forgo  beer, food, and four letter words just to get words down on paper (me nutty? okay, so, please tell me something I don’t know already). Others remarked on what a disciplined… Read More »

Creating Likeable Characters

Compelling, likeable characters immerse me in a story. Even the most exciting plot won’t keep me turning the pages if the main characters don’t make me feel invested in their plights.  I tend to be drawn to characters I can relate to on a deep level. They are often flawed, are experiencing struggles, obstacles and personal growth, and have an unusual outlook on life or a sense of humor. Lead… Read More »

Books Set in Exotic Places

My first two novels as well as my latest work in progress are set in exotic, often seaside locales. The reason for this is quite simple. I thrive on traveling, especially to places where there’s water I can not only dip my toes in, but also dive in and  swim in! My travel experiences stay with me long after I’ve returned home and have their way of working their way… Read More »