Why I Write First Drafts During the Super Bowl and When I Want to Avoid Chores

After I Facebook posted that I wrote 2800 words of a work in progress during the Super Bowl, I got a variety of public and private message comments. A few people thought I was a little nutty to forgo  beer, food, and four letter words just to get words down on paper (me nutty? okay, so, please tell me something I don’t know already). Others remarked on what a disciplined… Read More »

Creating Likeable Characters

Compelling, likeable characters immerse me in a story. Even the most exciting plot won’t keep me turning the pages if the main characters don’t make me feel invested in their plights.  I tend to be drawn to characters I can relate to on a deep level. They are often flawed, are experiencing struggles, obstacles and personal growth, and have an unusual outlook on life or a sense of humor. Lead… Read More »

Books Set in Exotic Places

My first two novels as well as my latest work in progress are set in exotic, often seaside locales. The reason for this is quite simple. I thrive on traveling, especially to places where there’s water I can not only dip my toes in, but also dive in and  swim in! My travel experiences stay with me long after I’ve returned home and have their way of working their way… Read More »

The Next Big Thing Blog Hop

Thank you for dropping by to visit me on this blog hop! I was kindly tagged by Diane Adams, author of Life Should be Beautiful, If the Stars Fall, and That One Thing. You can read more about Diane’s books by going to http://dianeadams500.blogspot.com/ Today, I’ll answer 10 questions about my work-in-progress, a romantic suspense entitled Expedition to Mountain River Cave.

January 1 Release – Message from Viola Mari

Enjoy this sci-fi romance filled with laugh-out-loud humor, erotic love scenes, and exotic places. World-renowned oceanographer and meteorite specialist, Marissa Jones, uncovers evidence that a comet cloud will soon destroy Earth. When aspiring writer and best friend, Jennifer begs her to take a Saturday morning sci-fi writing class, Marissa reluctantly agrees. Writing her real-life story as fiction gives her an astonishing new perspective on the anomalous set of craters she… Read More »

The Thrill of National Novel Writing Month

Today I was a guest on Blak Rayne’s blog and posted about how NaNoWriMo helps get me psyched up and writing! I hope you will make a hop over to her blog to check it out 🙂 Link to post on Blak Rayne’s blog

So Many Books, So Little Time, How do I Choose

Some of you more “mature” readers and writers may recall that 80s song, So Many Men, So Little Time, how can I choose?…Well, I must admit, I’ve felt that way about books far more often than I have about men. Partly because there’s no other man for me in this world than my husband. But I sure do enjoy feasting my eyes on delicious male pectoral muscles on book covers-talk… Read More »

Interview with Jeff Dickson

If you’re like me, a book’s characters make or break a story. If we care about them enough and become immersed enough in their lives and their story, we keep reading. On October 15th, author Jennifer Simpkins interviewed the hunky hero of The Open Water Swimmer, Jeff Dickson. Driven and focused, this elite open water swimmer also has a fun-loving, adventurous side to him that’s almost as irresistible as his… Read More »

Mind of an Athlete – Jeff Dickson’s the Swimmer I Wanted To Be

Ever since that day I joined swim team at age-12, I wanted to go to the Olympics. I wanted to stand on that highest of podiums and have someone place that gold medal around my neck. In my era, I watched Tracy Caulkins win slews of medals – if she could do it, I could too, I thought. In middle and high school, the typical teenage lifestyle eluded me. I… Read More »

Characters You Can Love

So often when I’ve read a book I’ve really cherished, I’m following the character every step of the way and thinking she’s a lot like me. Characters we can relate to are characters we enjoy. And once we feel personally involved in the story, we’re there. As an author, I always inject a little of my personality into my characters. When I was in elementary school, I was one of… Read More »