Taken (Elite SEALs 1)


Elite SEALs 1

released September 26, 2019

Mia Russo had her whole life ahead of her. She was a junior studying physical therapy at UCSD, an avid surfer, and a triathlete—up until the day she became a human trafficking victim. Kidnapped by members of a Mexican cartel, she’s been held captive for over a year. Injected with heroin whenever her body is given to another man, she’s lost all hope of surviving.

SEAL Team 3 embarks on a mission to rescue trafficked girls being held outside Nogales, Mexico. Chief Petty Officer Ethan Patterson is a tough warrior on the outside, but deep inside, he’s broken. He still blames himself for the death of his best friend and SEAL team brother. Out of fear of experiencing another devastating loss, he has withdrawn from everyone.

SEAL Team 3 rescues Mia and six other girls. Mia’s instantly attracted to Ethan. Suffering from drug withdrawal, her life in tatters, she believes Ethan could never want her. After being violated by all those men, she’s not sure anyone will ever love her.

Ethan believes it’s his duty to maintain a professional distance from Mia. As the attraction between them simmers and threatens to burst into flame, he begins to wonder if he’s staying away to follow normal military protocol—or because he’s afraid.

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