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Re-release – My Professor and the La Jolla Meteorite Craters

My Professor and the La Jolla Meteorite Craters I wasn’t looking for love, only some occasional lust. But my best friend, Jennifer, had other ideas. She kept trying to set me up with her concept of the most eligible bachelor, which most definitely wasn’t mine. I’m an oceanographer, a scientist. My life was all about research and logic. There were laboratory samples to study and presentations at European conferences to… Read More »


Here’s a fabulous review by Erotic romance author extraordinaire, Destiny Blaine, of my debut novel, THE OPEN WATER SWIMMER Here’s a wonderful review of my erotic sci fi, MESSAGE FROM VIOLA MARI, by gay erotic romance author Cameron James.  

Amazon Gift Card Opportunity

In an effort to generate more interest in this dramatic and humorous contemporary romance, MESSAGE FROM VIOLA MARI, I will offer a $10 Amazon giveaway to a random person who shares this post on Facebook this weekend and helps me move up the ranks. Please send me a FB message with your email address after you finish so I can get you the gift card! Thank you so much for… Read More »