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Excerpt from RESCUED – Elite SEALs 2

Blurb: A woman hiding from her past… A horrific personal loss compels Hannah Pendleton to request a leave of absence from her job. She hides out in a seaside rental in Kino Bay, Mexico, planning to relax, but the slow-paced lifestyle in a town overrun with expats twice her age quickly loses its luster. Bored and restless, she longs for the adrenaline-laced rush of her former life. When Hannah eavesdrops… Read More »

Coming Soon…Taken – Elite SEALs 1

Elite SEALs 1 will be available in e-book format on or before September 30th. Check out this HOT cover by Anya K   Blurb: Mia Russo had her whole life ahead of her. She was a junior studying physical therapy at UCSD, an avid surfer, and a triathlete—up until the day she became a human trafficking victim. Kidnapped by members of a Mexican cartel, she’s been held captive for over… Read More »

New Release – Jade’s Song – South of the Border 2

Jade’s Song South of the Border 2 Blurb Jade Phelps fled from her old life to escape it all. The chaos and stress of American life. Her sister’s constant criticism. Men who said she wasn’t enough. She learned to listen to what was wrong with her more than what was right. She felt insignificant and unworthy of love. It had to end—she knew it. In a small Mexican beach town… Read More »

There’s Still Time to Join our Sizzling Hot Book Club!

Pandora Spocks and I invite you to join our… Sizzling Hot Romance Book Club   The purpose of this book club is to read and enjoy sizzling hot romance! So, if you love reading steamy books, and you’re pumped to read and discuss one feature book a month, you won’t want to miss out. We’re planning some great giveaways, too! Every month, we’ll choose one sizzling hot romance to read.… Read More »

Check Out Maggie Carpenter’s New Release

SPY His Mission. His Orders. His Promise AMAZON:  APPLE: KOBO:    BLURB HEARTBREAK AND HEALING. SIZZLING SUSPENSE. SMOKE AND MIRRORS…! Natalie Freeman, a headstrong, talented art historian, is staring in shock at the man who has broken into her hotel suite. He also broke his promise and her heart two years before. Her fury at his betrayal still burns in her soul, but she’s never stopped craving his decadent desires and take-charge… Read More »

New Release – Telenovela – South of the Border 1

Telenovela (South of the Border 1) Released November 12, 2017 César is a famous Mexican Telenovela star. Women constantly throw themselves at him, and he’ll be into one for a short time before moving on. Long-term relationships spell danger for César. People he loves end up dead. That’s why Camila can never know she’s more to him than a one night stand. But he has to find a way to preserve their working… Read More »

New Release – Doctor’s Orders (Office Interludes 2)

  If you’re looking for an erotic romance to heat up your weekend, check out my latest release, Doctor’s Orders! Released August 4, 2017 Successful interior designer Josephine Karusso is resigned to the single life. Her chronic migraines make dating a nightmare. She goes to a doctor’s appointment, hoping to discuss new treatment options, not expecting to hear her doctor had to leave for an emergency. She agrees to see… Read More »

A Valentine’s Day Release – Sophia’s Boss – Office Interludes 1

Coming February 14! Sabrina Devonshire’s latest release, Sophia’s Boss – Office Interludes 1 Blurb IT professional Sophia’s all-business, career woman image contrasts starkly with the wild woman who drives a Rally Yellow Camaro, wears lacy black panties beneath her conservative business suit, and constantly fantasizes about sex with the hot man she saw at a computer networking conference. Keeping her sex goddess image well hidden is easy until her fantasy man turns… Read More »

Re-release – My Professor and the La Jolla Meteorite Craters

My Professor and the La Jolla Meteorite Craters I wasn’t looking for love, only some occasional lust. But my best friend, Jennifer, had other ideas. She kept trying to set me up with her concept of the most eligible bachelor, which most definitely wasn’t mine. I’m an oceanographer, a scientist. My life was all about research and logic. There were laboratory samples to study and presentations at European conferences to… Read More »

Re-release – Ocean Swimmer

The elite swimmer Zoe is destined to fall in love with is also destined to die. Can she change his fate? When children’s mystery writer Zoe Carlson has recurring nightmares about a swimmer drowning during an open water race, she aims to change his fate. Zoe’s plan to remain objective makes a serious splashdown when she meets her “mission,” a towering blue-eyed man with the best cut set of pectorals… Read More »