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Jade’s Song

South of the Border 2


Jade Phelps fled from her old life to escape it all. The chaos and stress of American life. Her sister’s constant criticism. Men who said she wasn’t enough. She learned to listen to what was wrong with her more than what was right. She felt insignificant and unworthy of love. It had to end—she knew it. In a small Mexican beach town on the Sea of Cortez, Jade begins again, making peace with herself day by day. She swims in the sea. She writes. She vows to stay away from men. But when she meets Luca and is instantly drawn to him, her plans fall apart. Will he hurt her or try to run her life, like everyone else? Or could Luca be her one chance for happily ever after?

Luca Espinoza grew up on the Amalfi Coast of Italy. Now he’s a famous pop singer who travels the globe with his band. His wavy dark hair, gorgeous blue-green eyes and to-die-for-body drive women wild. They throw themselves at him constantly, but most only see his fame and money. They don’t see—or even want to see past—his celebrity veneer. On a short vacation, he meets Jade—a beautiful, athletic woman full of energy and joy who swims with dolphins and shares his passion for artistic expression. She excites him in an alarming way and seems to genuinely like him. The bond he feels with her touches his heart. But he senses her fragility. And that the pain she’s buried deep inside might destroy their chance for lasting happiness.

Note: Each book in the South of the Border series is a stand-alone read.


Facebook is my new best friend. Instead of meeting my daily writing word count, I now spend most of my days and nights lurking online, skimming other people’s posts. I click through photos taken in the south of France, another person’s Switzerland hiking vacation, a photo of a cute fluffy dog that died. I select the sad face icon for the last post and write a short phrase of condolence. Then I browse through more vacation photos—of beaches in Costa Rica, Mexico, the South Pacific. Bikini-clad women stand in shallow clear sea water smiling, sipping tropical drinks or holding a mask and snorkel.  The locales pique my interest mostly because they’re far away from here—the one place on Earth where I really don’t want to be right now. In Tucson. Near Brandon. As hard as I try, I can’t seem to wipe the man from my mind for even a minute.

What if scenarios break into my thoughts during the day and keep me awake late into the night. I keep wondering what made him change his mind about me. I keep thinking if I did this or that differently, he might not have hooked up with someone else and we might still be together. I know he didn’t want me to quit my engineering job to write full-time. Maybe that made him decide to end it.  Or maybe he lost interest and started noticing other women because I dressed too sloppy around the house.  Maybe if I’d worn more makeup or sexier clothes or—oh, damn—why do I keep torturing myself like this? If he didn’t want me the way I am, I shouldn’t want him anyway. I let out a frustrated sigh. If only it were that easy.

I glance at a list of suggested groups that pops up. Beach Vacation Homes and Condos. Expats Living in Mexico. Andes Mountain Tours. Wait, Expats Living in Mexico? That sounds interesting. No, it sounds outstanding. That’s something I could go for right now—running away to live in another country. I walk into the kitchen, pour myself a third glass of wine, and return to my computer. I click the link, then click again on the Join button. Minutes later, I’ve been added to the group and am reading strangers’ posts.

One thread’s all about Mexican towns and cities where people have relocated including all the pros and cons. Another’s about how Americans can obtain permanent residency. There’s another discussion about food—how you go about sanitizing fruits and vegetables, what kind of water filters to buy, where people should buy their meat, cooking with nopal, which turns out to be diced prickly pear cactus. Who knew you could make a meal with that? I wonder how you get the spines out. And then there’s talk about housing and how much people pay for homes and condos. My eyes widen when I see the numbers. Wow. Whether you rent or buy, it’s dirt cheap to get a place compared to what we pay in the US.

I bounce in my seat with excitement. I could do this. Why the hell not? It would be great to escape and pretend this shit with Brandon never happened. I’d be so busy adjusting to the lifestyle differences, I’d stop thinking about how I just wasted eight years of my life with him. I could live on a beach somewhere. In Mexico, it would be affordable. Some of these homes and condos people are buying—in Mazatlán and Colima and Puerto Vallarta—cost way less than the house I own now.

The next week passes in a blur. I cull through my stuff and put my house on the market. My house sells in two days. The buyer wants to close in thirty days. Now what? I still haven’t picked a destination. Mexico is a big country. And there are so many cool places to choose from. After a marathon online research session, I pick San Carlos, near Guaymas, in Sonora, Mexico, for its beautiful beaches and the fact that it’s only a seven-hour drive from Tucson. It’s a safe gamble, I tell myself. It’s close enough to the States that I can easily come back if this crazy idea of mine turns out to be a mistake. But staring at photos of the deep blue Sea of Cortez and all the offshore islands makes me think it could never be anything short of amazing.

My skin prickles with excitement. I play an electronic dance music mix on my iPad. I snap my fingers and sway my hips to the beat as I pack my suitcases. I love this plan. I can’t wait to leave here, to go somewhere new where I have no bad memories to weigh me down. For years, I’ve wanted to travel. Brandon and I took a few trips, but we never went anywhere unusual.

I told Brandon I’d always wanted visit Costa Rica or Greece, but he said there were dangerous pythons and huge spiders in Costa Rica and that Greece was a poor country full of desperate people. So we vacationed in Florida, which was nice, but not the least bit exotic. I wanted to see toucans and brightly colored scarlet macaws in Costa Rica and swim in the blue Aegean Sea off the coast of Greece. All these urges have nudged me in the ribs for years. Now, I can finally give in to them. I no longer have to worry about what Brandon wants—what any man wants. I’m free. I can do whatever I want. And right now, I want to move to Mexico.

I shouldn’t have told my sister I was leaving. But I figured someone related to me should know, and she’s kind of it as far as family goes. Kelsi said moving to Mexico was the stupidest idea I’d ever come up with, almost as dumb as quitting my job to become a full-time writer. “Everyone sells drugs down there,” she said. I rolled my eyes and shook my head at that. Like no one’s selling drugs in Tucson.

But that conversation’s long over. I’m ready to run. Away from that limiting logic that says I have no other choice other than to stay here and wallow in my misery and spend half the day tied up in traffic jams. Tucson has never been right for me. Since Brandon dumped me, it’s become more apparent than ever. The barrenness of the place and all the chaos of traffic and constant construction depresses me. It makes me feel lost—like I can’t keep up with a pace I have no desire to keep up with. Every day, I seek solace in the pool. Underwater, it’s quiet. During that hour I swim from end to end, the anxious chatter in my mind slows down at least temporarily. But it returns the minute I climb out of the pool. This week when I swam, I heard the water rush past my ears and imagined I was swimming in the Sea of Cortez. Floating over a wave, smelling the salt in the air and gazing up at the sky. Maybe in the sea, I can finally find freedom, instead of remaining a prisoner of my own negative thoughts.

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Telenovela (South of the Border 1)

Released November 12, 2017

César is a famous Mexican Telenovela star. Women constantly throw themselves at him, and he’ll be into one for a short time before moving on. Long-term relationships spell danger for César. People he loves end up dead. That’s why Camila can never know she’s more to him than a one night stand. But he has to find a way to preserve their working relationship because the show must go on…

Camila nearly gave up her dream of becoming an actress. After three years of auditioning, all she has to show for it is a dead-end office job. Then, a business trip to Puerto Vallarta puts her in the right place at the right time. Suddenly, she’s a pampered star on The Sands of Time, one of Mexico’s hottest Telenovelas. Soon acting and reality become intertwined, as her co-star, César, is too hot to resist on set or off it. She knows César’s trouble, but what she doesn’t know is that her dalliance with him could be deadly.

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Sophia’s Boss (Office Interludes 1)

released February 12, 2017



IT professional Sophia’s all-business, career woman image contrasts starkly with the wild woman who drives a Rally Yellow Camaro, wears lacy black panties beneath her conservative business suit, and constantly fantasizes about sex with the hot man she saw at a computer networking conference. Keeping her sex goddess image well hidden is easy until her fantasy man turns out to be her new boss. A distracting affair with her distracting boss Michael is as forbidden and dangerous as it is irresistible.

A new city and a new IT Director job mean a fresh start for Michael and a way to escape his cheating ex. Planning to avoid romance at all costs, he meets Network Operations Manager, Sophia, and finds this resolute plan turned upside down. When they’re thrown together in a company-wide cyber attack crisis, he’s not sure whether to resist or give into temptation.

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Doctor’s Orders (Office Interludes 2)

Released August 4, 2017

Doctor's Orders eBook

Successful interior designer Josephine Karusso is resigned to the single life. Her chronic migraines make dating a nightmare. She goes to a doctor’s appointment, hoping to discuss new treatment options, not expecting to hear her doctor had to leave for an emergency. She agrees to see a different physician in the office; a Dr. Len Jones. She’s stunned to see he’s got wavy dark hair, beautiful green eyes, and the body of an Olympic athlete. She’s not at all surprised to learn he’s a judgmental jerk. She’s dealt with many medical professionals like that before. She confronts Dr. Jones over his insensitivity to her condition and is shocked when the seemingly hardened physician does a sudden about face by apologizing and referring her to his naturopathic doctor friend.

Dr. Len Jones lost his fiancé to a sudden tragedy and hasn’t been the same since. He’s been going through the motions in his practice and his life, remaining emotionally detached from everyone. When Josephine Karusso is added to his schedule for the day, he’s annoyed to be saddled with another whiny chronic pain patient. He’s surprised to see that she’s drop-dead gorgeous and has luscious curves in all the right places. When the fiery beauty lashes out at him, he realizes just how off course he’s drifted. And there’s something about her that makes him want to be a better doctor and a better man.

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Amalfi Affair – Navy SEALs of Valor 1

released August 17, 2014

Amalfi Affair Navy SEALs of Valor 1 (ebook)3


On a cycling tour through the Swiss Alps, CIA agent, Olivia Simpson, meets handsome Navy SEAL, Darryl Jennings. Her lust shifts into overdrive for this man on leave from missions he won’t discuss. A one night standsleads to a blissful week traveling the Amalfi Coast. Because of their secretive careers, their love affair is destined to end. Olivia immerses herself into her Intelligence work with memories of Darryl never far from the surface. When she receives a surprise phone call from him nine months later, she dashes off to meet him in Italy. Too late, she realizes the call had been made by an imposter to lure her into a trap.

Despite Darryl’s decision to end his relationship with Olivia, he returns to his missions in Afghanistan unable to shake her from his heart. Regret for letting her go gnaws at him until he decides to search for her. After following numerous dead end leads, he gives up on ever finding the elusive woman who stole his heart nine months prior. When he’s called in for a mission to rescue a high-level intelligence officer who’s been kidnapped, he realizes the woman in question is his Olivia. Pressure mounts as he becomes embroiled in a mission where the fate of his country and his true love falls on his shoulders.

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Czech Mate (Navy Seals of Valor 2)

released November 18, 2014

Czech Mate - Navy SEALs of Valor 2 (ebook)



Captain Baylee Stiles is attacked by a mysterious gunman at the Bagram Air Force Base Exchange. She’s blindsided by attraction when Navy SEAL Nathan Brooks risks his life to rescue her. Battling to fight down her feelings and protect herself from her painful past, Baylee puts up a bristly front as they team up to track down the gunman.

Women rarely hold Nathan’s attention for longer than one night–until he smashes into Baylee. Not only does he feel raging attraction for the beauty with the platinum blonde hair, he also finds her fiery temperament intriguing and a challenge. When Nathan is ordered to take medical leave, he decides to meet up with his best friend and SEAL teammate Darryl, and his new love, Olivia, in Prague. But only if he can persuade Baylee to join him.

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French Kiss (Navy Seals of Valor 3)

released March 27, 2015

French Kiss Navy SEALs of Valor 3 (eBook)more soot



Karl Patterson and seven other SEAL Team Six men are deployed to Paris to raid a Le Marais duplex believed to be a terrorist hideout. Finding it abandoned and rigged with explosives, the sailors barely escape. After they return to their hotel anticipating a night of rest and awake to an explosion and raging inferno, Karl and his teammates realize they are one step behind the Red Queen. Not only is she still alive; she’s also hell-bent on vengeance and plans to unleash terror the city won’t soon forget.

Journalist Jamie Phillips awakes to the sound of an explosion and rushes to her hotel window in time to see the perpetrators fleeing from the blackened skeleton of their van. Rushing to escape engulfing flames, she nearly succumbs to the overpowering smoke and falling debris, but is suddenly rescued by a drop-dead gorgeous man she suspects is Special Forces.

Attraction between Karl and Jamie burns hotter than the flames consuming du Luxembourg area hotel. Karl struggles to wipe Jamie from his mind and refocus on the Team’s mission. But heading to the hospital and forgetting Karl aren’t part of Jamie’s plan. Thanks to her keen journalist observational skills, she picked up on key information that just might help SEAL Team Six stop the terrorists. 


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Greek God (Navy SEALs of Valor 4)

released October 9, 2015


Greek God Navy SEALs of Valor 4 (ebook) FINAL


Meet Greek God number one, Darryl Jennings. He’s a Petty Officer First Class with DEVGRU. Greek God number two, Nathan Brooks has retired from the Navy, but still works as an operative for the U.S. Department of State. And last, but certainly not least (the man’s serious eye candy), there’s Greek God number three and SEAL Team member Karl Patterson. The three rendezvous on the Greek Island of Lefkada; not for a mission, not for routine rest and relaxation, but for a wedding.

CIA agent Olivia Simpson, former Air Force pilot Baylee Stiles and broadcast journalist, Jamie Phillips are also headed for this idyllic island on the Ionian Sea. One of these ladies is a bride-to-be. One suffers from a broken heart. And the other woman is about to be targeted by a band of pissed-off Muslim Alliance terrorists.


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Seaside Seduction

Released October 4, 2013

Seaside Seduction

Wealthy defense systems CEO Nicholas Gallero spots a mysterious woman in the Sea of Cortez while whale watching from the patio of his Cabo San Lucas mansion. When he realizes she’s in trouble, he rushes to save her. He’s instantly attracted to the voluptuous dark haired Selena Gomez. When Selena says she doesn’t remember how she ended up in Cabo, he invites her back to his house. Business as usual ends and his suspenseful romantic adventure begins.

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   Love in the Labyrinths 2 – The Unseen

Released August 1, 2013 by Extasy Books


Will Kent lose his expedition and his true love?

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        Love in the Labyrinths 1 – Dangerous Descent

 Released July 1, 2013 by Extasy Books

Dangerous Descent - Love in the Labyrinths

Rebecca seeks outdoor adventure work. Kent has the perfect job for her. The Vietnam caving expedition gets crazy when too-hot-to-handle love strikes—along with murderous smugglers.

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        Mai Tai Man

A sexy new-adult contemporary romance

Released April 1, 2014 by Extasy Books


Summer’s plans for a romantic escape to Mazatlán with her boyfriend the week before her University of Arizona classes resume disintegrate when he dumps her just before the trip. She goes anyway, planning to drown her sorrow with Mai Tais. Her plan goes awry when she wakes up beside a drop-dead gorgeous guy she can’t remember sleeping with. She imagines things can’t get worse until she learns this Alex has a bristly personality and, thanks to the hurricane outside, they’re stuck together until the storm ends.

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Message from Viola Mari

Released January 1, 2013 by Extasy Books


The man who makes Marissa crazy is the only one she wants. But it’s a bad time to let lust call the shots when a comet cloud is careening toward Earth and Marissa’s the only one who can save everyone.

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The Open Water Swimmer

Released September 15, 2012 by Extasy Books


The elite swimmer Dana’s destined to fall in love with is also destined to die. Can she change his fate?

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