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A Valentine’s Day Release – Sophia’s Boss – Office Interludes 1


Coming February 14! Sabrina Devonshire’s latest release, Sophia’s Boss – Office Interludes 1


IT professional Sophia’s all-business, career woman image contrasts starkly with the wild woman who drives a Rally Yellow Camaro, wears lacy black panties beneath her conservative business suit, and constantly fantasizes about sex with the hot man she saw at a computer networking conference. Keeping her sex goddess image well hidden is easy until her fantasy man turns out to be her new boss. A distracting affair with her distracting boss Michael is as forbidden and dangerous as it is irresistible.

A new city and a new IT Director job mean a fresh start for Michael and a way to escape his cheating ex. Planning to avoid romance at all costs, he meets Network Operations Manager, Sophia, and finds this resolute plan turned upside down. When they’re thrown together in a company wide cyber attack crisis, he’s not sure whether to resist or give into temptation.


Sophia sprawled naked on her bed, her legs splayed, her eyes closed. In her dream, her ankles were tethered by silken scarves to the bedposts.

The hot-as-hell man with dark eyes and hair crouched over her, admiring every vulnerable inch of her. His hair was a tangled, sexy mass of curls. His eyes flashed from dark brown to a wicked gold and the hedonistic twist to his lips made it clear that he wanted her.

He studied her dripping opening with hungry eyes. His tongue slid across his full lips. “You’re dying for a good fuck, aren’t you?” he said more as a statement than a question before he slid a finger over her slick slit.

He lowered his head and his curls tickled her inner thighs. She gasped with pleasure as his warm tongue flicked over her inner thighs, sending shockwaves of heat through her body as it glided closer and closer to her throbbing sex. His tongue slid past her pulsing bud, moving up to her lower abdomen. His tongue circled her belly button and then thrust inside of it. Not there, she wanted to scream. She bucked up in frustration as the ache in her pussy built to the point of pain. “Please,” she cried out. “I can’t take it anymore.”

“You’re such a bad girl, Sophia. I should roll you over now and give you a sound spanking.”

She moaned as more heat surged to her pussy. A spanking always led to one thing. Him fucking her hard and hot from behind. “I can’t help it,” she gasped.

“I am very aware of that. And that’s why this time I’m going to give you just what you want. I want to make sure you are completely addicted to my tongue as well as my cock.”

Her dream man knew how to talk dirty. His words turned her on almost as much as everything he did to her. “Mmm,” she moaned. She felt his breath on her pussy first and then the flick of his tongue. She thrashed against the soft restraints as pleasure ripped through her body and her mind became a haze of delicious lusty delirium. “Oh, yes. Moooore. Please don’t stop.” The cell phone on the nightstand buzzed.

Her eyes flew open. Her cell phone vibrated. She glanced at the clock radio on her nightstand. Two AM. Talk about bad timing.

Bad timing or not, middle of the night texts and calls were hardly a surprise after years of working in the Information Technology field. Sophia was a Network Operations Manager. And that meant being on call 24/7. If the phone buzzed instead of ringing, it signaled a text message. If there was an outage and the issue wasn’t quickly resolved by someone on her IT team she received a call.

Few text messages required immediate action. More than likely this text was a notification about one of the hundreds of networks configured to communicate with her automatically if it went down or came back online. Often a network would go down for a few minutes when a provider performed routine maintenance or an upgrade. These procedures were necessarily done during off-hours. If only the damn notification could have waited until after the mind-shattering orgasm. She’d been just seconds away from shouting out her release. Whatever the text was about, it could wait.

Sophia closed her eyes and slid a hand down between her open legs. As she flicked a finger over her clit, she tried to imagine her dream man touching her. She saw the faint outline of his sturdy jaw line, but then another insistent buzz wiped away the image. “Damn it.”

She launched herself out of bed and snatched the phone off of her dresser. She quickly scrolled through the texts. A network had gone down and then the buzz she’d just heard was it coming back online again. She sighed. It was exactly as she’d expected: a non-urgent issue. “I’m ready to flush this goddamn phone down the toilet,” she said out loud.

She couldn’t remember her last uninterrupted night of sleep. It was tempting to silence the phone for one blissful night of sleep. But career came first for Sophia and she didn’t want to fail to respond in the event of an emergency. There had been several recent occasions where she’d had to call in support people or go to the DreamAway Headquarters or Saguaro Vista, the company’s Tucson hotel. Irrespective of the nature of the text, the rush of adrenaline that accompanied the sudden awakenings made it hard to get back to sleep again.

Rubbing her eyes, Sophia staggered into the kitchen and opened up the pantry. She grabbed a bottle of tequila and a shot glass from the top shelf. A shot should be enough to calm her sympathetic nervous system. She downed one shot and raised the bottle again, about to pour herself another. Quickly changing her mind, she set the bottle down and replaced the lid. She didn’t want to be hung over when she met the new IT Director tomorrow. The one who would be her new boss.

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