Re-release – My Professor and the La Jolla Meteorite Craters

By | January 17, 2017

My Professor by Sabrina Devonshire

My Professor and the La Jolla Meteorite Craters

I wasn’t looking for love, only some occasional lust. But my best friend, Jennifer, had other ideas. She kept trying to set me up with her concept of the most eligible bachelor, which most definitely wasn’t mine.

I’m an oceanographer, a scientist. My life was all about research and logic. There were laboratory samples to study and presentations at European conferences to prepare for. Men weren’t part of my agenda… until Jennifer twisted my arm and signed us up for a weekend sci-fi writing class.

The instant I saw professor Justin Lincoln, I knew I was in trouble. His curly blond hair and to-die-for body is damn distracting. He’s irritating, annoying and drives me crazy. He’s also the only man I want. What am I going to do now? I don’t have time for this. No really. There’s too much at stake.

*This is a re-release of 2013 Extasy Books title, Message from Viola Mari.

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