Coming Soon – My Greek SEAL

By | April 28, 2016

Ready for an exotic romantic adventure starring a super hot Greek Navy SEAL? Get ready for My Greek SEAL.


First for the cover…


Now for the blurb:

After a sudden job lay off, Maya holes up in her apartment, drinking wine and eating ice cream until the day she’s slated to leave for vacation in Greece. Even though she’s lost enthusiasm for this Greek island swimming vacation, she’s paid for the trip so she boards the plane.

She figures her life can’t possibly get any worse. She’s unemployed and spent most of her savings hiring a lawyer to collect commissions her corrupt boss refused to pay. She stumbles down to the Lefkada Island dock the first morning jetlagged and grumpy. When she spots a Greek man with a drool-worthy body, her plan is to look casual. Instead, she trips and plunges straight into the water. It wouldn’t be so bad if she never had to see him again. But Eros, a former Greek Navy SEAL, is one of her swimming tour companions. He boards the boat, pokes fun at her American mannerisms and asks way too many irritating questions. And he’s so damn hot, he makes her feel confused and distracted all the time. To make matters worse, he’s assigned to be one of her swimming partners.

Maybe Maya could have ignored the simmering attraction between them if it weren’t for the earthquake, the tidal wave and being stranded alone with him on Kalamos Island.


And now here’s an excerpt…

I snatch my waterproof backpack and glance in the bathroom mirror. Frowning, I tug down my floral print wrap to cover more of my thighs and twist my lips into a frown. My long strawberry-blonde hair is a tangled mess and dark circles rim my eyes. What was I thinking? After a 10-hour flight from the States and a five-hour bus ride across the Greek continent, the few hours of toss and turn sleep on a rock hard mattress hasn’t done anything to improve my exhausted state. Or my appearance.

My weary muscles rebel against every step and even keeping my eyelids open. What am I doing here? I’m a high maintenance woman. I don’t do sleep deprivation and Third World countries. I usually head to a beach resort in southern California, sprawl out on a lounge chair with a book and snap my fingers whenever I want another Mai Tai or need an escort to my massage appointment.

I exit the bathroom and glance at the wrinkled sheets and the stiff pillows on the bed where I just spent my nearly sleepless night. Dropping back down into that bed of discomfort doesn’t tempt me in the least. What do they make mattresses out of in this country? I reach over to peel off the mattress cover and then decide against it. I really don’t want to see what’s hiding under that half shredded piece of fabric. It’s probably a block of cement. I let out a long sigh.

What I really need is a spa day and twelve hours sleep in a five star hotel. I imagine drifting off into a blissful sleep, my back pleasantly cushioned by a pillow top mattress and my body cocooned with a cushy comforter. I could be awakening refreshed now and about to sip espresso delivered to my room instead of feeling like absolute hell and about to embark on a long day of bouncing over waves on a boat. But this is Greece. The water and the islands will be beautiful.

“Shit.” I forgot to take a motion sickness pill. I drop my backpack on the floor, rush into the bathroom and rummage through my toiletry kit. My hand finally closes around the cylindrical container of pills. I pour two of them into my hand and down them with water before snatching up my backpack and heading toward the door.


When will My Greek SEAL be available? The expected release date is mid-June.

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