Presentations at Tucson Festival of Books 2016

By | March 12, 2016

March 12 and 13, I am participating in two panel workshops at the Tucson Festival of Books. The first, on Saturday at 1:00 PM in Koffler 216 is entitled the Pros and Cons of Self Publishing with Kristen Ashley and Ed Hoornaert. Click here to download my workshop handout. The second one, on Sunday and also in Koffler 216, is on Writing POV of the Opposite Sex with Shelley Coriell and Ed Hoornaert. I look forward to seeing you at one of these workshops. Click here to download my workshop handout for this session.

2 thoughts on “Presentations at Tucson Festival of Books 2016


    I attended your first workshop in Tucson and enjoyed it a great deal. I have a book ready to publish and have sent it to a publisher (who hasn’t even bothered to send me a rejection email). I plan to try a different publisher, but if that fails, I will self publish.

    In order to do that and based on your talk at the convention, I will need to find some good editors (proof and copy at least). I would expect that you have copy and proof editors with whom you have developed a strong relationship and believe provide the best product for the cost.

    Is it possible to give me a recommendation or two for good editors? Looking online is confusing at best. For a first time publish, the cost seems almost overwhelming. But if getting edited is as important as all of you on the panel stressed, I will find the money. I just want to be sure that I spend it wisely.

    Again, thank you for the help at the conference.

    Yours Truly,

    Paula Stuht (a.k.a. PJ Mack)

    1. sabrinaromances Post author

      Hi Paula,
      Can you tell me what genre you are publishing? That would help me make some recommendations.



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