My Sexy Saturday – October 24, 2015 – From New Release Greek God, Navy SEALs of Valor 4

By | October 23, 2015

Every Saturday, a group of romance authors share sexy snippets from their published works or works-in-progress. To read some more My Sexy Saturday posts, click here. Today’s post comes from my October 9, 2015 release, GREEK GOD (Navy SEALs of Valor 4). This book delivers all the hotness and excitement of the previous SEALs of Valor books, bringing all the characters together for a spectacular event!


First, here’s the blurb:

Meet Greek God number one, Darryl Jennings. He’s a Petty Officer First Class with DEVGRU. Greek God number two, Nathan Brooks has retired from the Navy, but still works as an operative for the U.S. Department of State. And last, but certainly not least (the man’s serious eye candy), there’s Greek God number three and SEAL Team member Karl Patterson. The three rendezvous on the Greek Island of Lefkada; not for a mission, not for routine rest and relaxation, but for a wedding.

CIA agent Olivia Simpson, former Air Force pilot Baylee Stiles and broadcast journalist, Jamie Phillips are also headed for this idyllic island on the Ionian Sea. One of these ladies is a bride-to-be. One suffers from a broken heart. And the other woman is about to be targeted by a band of pissed-off Muslim Alliance terrorists.

(Reading the previous books in this series might heighten your enjoyment of Greek God, but sufficient background on each character is provided to make this a satisfying stand-alone read)

Greek God Navy SEALs of Valor 4 (ebook) FINAL


In this snippet, Jamie Phillips has just flown to Greece to attend a Navy SEAL wedding and is checking into her hotel room. She wanted to avoid the man she can’t cleanse from her heart, but he shows up in the lobby and she’s hoping he won’t see her. If you want to read the part just before this, take a peek at last week’s post…

The lovely brunette with Karl tossed her head back and laughed. Her thick dark hair bounced like it would if she were being filmed for a shampoo ad. Jamie wondered if the pain jabbing into her stomach would feel less intense if the woman had pockmarks on her face.

This woman’s graceful beauty fit Jamie’s vision of what a man as startlingly handsome as Karl would want. Beautiful in a no-nonsense kind of way. The woman didn’t even have to try to look good. Her short cropped hair turned under neatly just below her ears. Her lack of makeup did nothing to detract from her looks. Her soft, smooth complexion glowed with apparent health. Her hand brushed against his forearm and he made no move to pull away.

Jamie’s fingers unfurled from her clenched fists. It was as if she were instinctively reaching, imagining the pads of her fingers landing on the surface of Karl’s warm, masculine skin. She imagined the sigh of satisfaction she would feel ending this torture of so many months apart with one touch.

He wants to touch her now, not you.  Jamie’s hands trembled with jealousy. Anger at her childish reaction mingled with the surge of frustration over seeing another woman’s hands on him. I have no right to be jealous. He’s not mine now. Maybe he never was.

She wanted to cover her face and cry. Scream. Run as far from this unfamiliar hotel lobby as she could. Oh, no. I have to get out of here. “Excuse me, Miss. You had a question for me?” The front desk attendant gazed at her with curious brown eyes.

Jamie was so flustered she couldn’t remember what she’d planned to ask. “Uh, don’t worry, it wasn’t important.” She took a shaky step back from the desk before tucking her passport into the outside pocket of her small backpack.

“Wait, Miss, your key.”

If you enjoyed this snippet, GREEK GOD is available for  2.99 on Amazon and is free on Kindle Unlimited.


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