My Sexy Saturday October 10, 2015 from New Release, Greek God, Navy SEALs of Valor 4

By | October 10, 2015

Every Saturday, a group of romance authors share sexy snippets from their published works or works-in-progress. To read some more My Sexy Saturday posts, click here. Today’s post comes from my October 9, 2015 release, GREEK GOD (Navy SEALs of Valor 4). This book delivers all the hotness and excitement of the previous SEALs of Valor books, bringing all the characters together for a spectacular event!


First, here’s the blurb:

Meet Greek God number one, Darryl Jennings. He’s a Petty Officer First Class with DEVGRU. Greek God number two, Nathan Brooks has retired from the Navy, but still works as an operative for the U.S. Department of State. And last, but certainly not least (the man’s serious eye candy), there’s Greek God number three and SEAL Team member Karl Patterson. The three rendezvous on the Greek Island of Lefkada; not for a mission, not for routine rest and relaxation, but for a wedding.

CIA agent Olivia Simpson, former Air Force pilot Baylee Stiles and broadcast journalist, Jamie Phillips are also headed for this idyllic island on the Ionian Sea. One of these ladies is a bride-to-be. One suffers from a broken heart. And the other woman is about to be targeted by a band of pissed-off Muslim Alliance terrorists.

(Reading the previous books in this series might heighten your enjoyment of Greek God, but sufficient background on each character is provided to make this a satisfying stand-alone read)

Greek God Navy SEALs of Valor 4 (ebook) FINAL


In this snippet, Jamie Phillips has just flown to Greece to attend a Navy SEAL wedding and is afraid of the suffering she will endure when she sees the man she can’t cleanse from her heart.

“I have a qu—” Her words caught in her throat the instant she heard that familiar deep, southern-accented voice.

Warm heat climbed up her neck, sending tremors of excitement scattering through her body. Damn. She’d forgotten how overpowering his nearness felt. So intoxicating. Even with her back to him, she imagined looking into those ocean blue eyes that had stolen every ounce of air from her lungs when he’d scooped her up in his arms and rushed her out of the burning hotel in Paris. I can’t take this.

Wrenching her mouth into a smile, she whirled around to face him. Her neck and shoulder muscles tensed. What first struck her was how drool worthy he looked.

Blue jeans hugged his sturdy, muscular thighs and a black polo shirt stretched across the strong breadth of his chest making his shoulders look broader than ever. His dark hair, once trimmed close to the scalp, had grown longer and looked messy and windblown. Next, she made the irritating observation that he was speaking to an athletic and extremely attractive woman. Obviously, he’s forgotten about me.

She counted the tiles separating them to regain her composure. Eight, nine, ten. His magnetism was so potent, he felt far less distant. A whiff of his woodsy, masculine scent drifted into her nostrils. She closed her eyes, unable to stop herself from breathing him in.

That mingling of pine and cinnamon and manly sweat brought back so many memories. Memories of the nights they’d made love until dawn, the leisurely strolls they’d taken while holding hands and intermittently kissing in Luxembourg Park, and the conversations they’d had about their future.

Then genius me ruined it. The weight of their end had left a permanent empty ache inside her chest. Sometimes she found herself inadvertently placing a hand over that spot as if to alleviate that hollow pain.

If you enjoyed this snippet, GREEK GOD is available for  2.99 on Amazon and is free on Kindle Unlimited.


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