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My Sexy Saturday – August 1, 2015 – From upcoming release, Greek God (Navy SEALs of Valor 4)

Every Saturday, a group of romance authors share sexy snippets from their published works or works-in-progress. To read some more My Sexy Saturday posts, click here. Today’s post comes from my October 10, 2015 release, GREEK GOD (Navy SEALs of Valor 4). This book delivers all the hotness and excitement of the previous SEALs of Valor books, bringing all the characters together for a spectacular event!

First, here’s the blurb:

Meet Greek God number one, Darryl Jennings. He’s a Petty Officer First Class with DEVGRU. Greek God number two, Nathan Brooks has retired from the Navy, but still works as an operative for the U.S. Department of State. And last, but certainly not least (the man’s serious eye candy), there’s Greek God number three and SEAL Team member Karl Patterson. The three rendezvous on the Greek Island of Lefkada; not for a mission, not for routine rest and relaxation, but for a wedding.

CIA agent Olivia Simpson, former Air Force pilot Baylee Stiles and broadcast journalist, Jamie Phillips are also headed for this idyllic island on the Ionian Sea. One of these ladies is a bride-to-be. One suffers from a broken heart. And the other woman is about to be targeted by a band of pissed-off Muslim Alliance terrorists.

(Reading the previous books in this series might heighten your enjoyment of Greek God, but sufficient background on each character is provided to make this a satisfying stand-alone read)

In this scene, Darryl and Olivia are vacationing on the Greek island of Lefkada and are about to picnic on a beach hear Yeni.

Darryl swung their joined hands upward. His sculpted bicep muscles flexed as he extended a finger to point out an oasis of grass and trees a short distance up the beach. “That looks like a good spot for our picnic and dessert.” He said the word dessert in a suggestive tone of voice.

Olivia turned toward him and grinned, knowing from the wicked twist of his mouth what he had in mind. A picnic with benefits. “Looks good to me.” She wasn’t sure what delicacies he’d ordered from the restaurant and packed in the whicker basket he held under his arm, but she knew her body was on the dessert menu. He planned to feast on her and she on him until they were sweaty and sated.

Privacy belonged to them on this nearly deserted beach, making naughtiness a major temptation. Even if another couple happened to pass by this place where she and Darryl would soon be entangled and naked, they’d barely be noticed amidst all the trees and plants. We might be heard, though, she thought. Control was never a factor during lovemaking. Both of them were like animals in heat whenever their bodies merged—panting, grunting, desperate.

They deviated away from the water toward the secluded spot. Darryl dropped a large towel on the bed of grass and Olivia helped him spread it out before settling on the ground beside him and resting back on her elbows to soak up the view of their surroundings. “What a beautiful night.” The brilliant colors had bled from the clouds. The sky above them was tinged deep purple and a hint of faded yellow lingered over the horizon. A full moon had risen over the ocean, casting a brilliant white path across the water.

Darryl’s face glowed under the moonlight. “Lucky for me, there’s a full moon tonight so I won’t miss out on any of the scenery I want to see tonight. Let’s put first things first. Are you ready to find out what’s in the basket?” One brow rose and his smile looked sensual and almost predatory.

As usual, the man had sex on his mind. Not that Olivia minded. She was every bit as sex-crazed as he was. Especially now, knowing they’d have two delicious weeks alone together. Just imagining all the crazy sex they’d have made her pussy throb with desire. Neither of them much cared for repetitious maneuvers in bed. They fucked each other senseless below waterfalls, on beaches, in public parks and Olivia had even spread her legs wide in a low-lit restaurant and masturbated in front of him. She leaned in toward him until her shoulder brushed against his arm. “Sure. Show me what you’ve got.”

If you enjoyed this snippet from GREEK GOD (Navy SEALs of Valor 4), you can pre-order it from Amazon today!

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