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Scintillating Sunday Blog Hop – From French Kiss – Navy SEALs of Valor 3


Every Sunday, a group of romance authors of a variety of heat levels post excerpts from their work that are sensual or emotionally charged. My post today comes from French Kiss, Navy SEALs of Valor 3. If you would like to read more author excerpts, please click here.

First, here’s the FRENCH KISS blurb.

Karl Patterson and seven other SEAL Team Six men are deployed to Paris to raid a Le Marais duplex believed to be a terrorist hideout. Finding it abandoned and rigged with explosives, the sailors barely escape. After they return to their hotel anticipating a night of rest and awake to an explosion and raging inferno, Karl and his teammates realize they are one step behind the Red Queen. Not only is she still alive; she’s also hell-bent on vengeance and plans to unleash terror the city won’t soon forget.

Journalist Jamie Phillips awakes to the sound of an explosion and rushes to her hotel window in time to see the perpetrators fleeing from the blackened skeleton of their van. Rushing to escape engulfing flames, she nearly succumbs to the overpowering smoke and falling debris, but is suddenly rescued by a drop-dead gorgeous man she suspects is Special Forces.

Attraction between Karl and Jamie burns hotter than the flames consuming the du Luxembourg area hotel. Karl struggles to wipe Jamie from his mind and refocus on the Team’s mission. But heading to the hospital and forgetting Karl aren’t part of Jamie’s plan. Thanks to her keen journalist observational skills, she picked up on key information that just might help SEAL Team Six stop the terrorists.

French Kiss Navy SEALs of Valor 3 (eBook)more soot

Even though the blurb focuses on Karl and Jamie, one of Karl’s SEAL team members, Nathan Brooks comes into the picture as well. He happens to be on leave in Europe with his girlfriend Baylee Stiles when he learns of the terrorist threat. He and Baylee fly to Paris to support the SEAL Team’s efforts behind the scenes. Nathan  and Baylee are about to get into trouble after surviving a scary terrorist incident in a Paris bus station…These two are deeply in love, but both are oozing raging hormones so wild is the norm for their sex life!

Still holding his hand, she stumbled up the stairs behind him onto the coach and ran down the long aisle toward the back, laughing. Once they passed several rows of seats, he turned and wrapped his strong arms around her back, pulling her in so close, she felt every contour of his solid, muscular body. But the press of his thickening erection really blew her mind. Her mouth met his with a desperate kiss, her hunger intensifying every second they devoured each other’s mouths.

“God, you’re fucking hot,” said Nathan.

She stumbled, walking backward as they continued kissing and he pushed her toward the seat in the rear of the bus.

The plump seat cushion struck the back of her thighs. She craned her neck and noticed the seat stretched the full width of the bus. “That’s awesome. It’s almost the size of a bed.”

“Yeah, it is. We should be able to do all sorts of decadent contortions here.”

He leaned into her, forcing her back onto the cushiony seat. He raised her lower legs and shifted her body so it aligned with the seat’s length. In an instant, he mounted her as if he weren’t aware they were still fully clothed.  He gripped the back of her head tight with one of his large, strong hands and reclaimed her mouth with his hungry lips. His desperate kisses sent spirals of ecstasy through her body. He devoured her mouth, drawing her lips into his mouth and breathing heavily. She gasped and panted as her nipples hardened and hot desire soaked her panties.

He speared her lips apart with his tongue and she welcomed the sensual intrusion. The pressure of his tongue against her cheek sent tingles racing through her body. God, I want him. I’ll always want him.

“Take off your pants, Baylee. Just pants, not underwear,” he demanded.

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