My Sexy Saturday – December 6, 2014 – Czech Mate – Navy SEALs of Valor 2

By | December 5, 2014

For this week’s Sexy Saturday post, we are sharing hot-and-heavy moments that steam up our glasses and nearby windows. If you’d like to read the rest of the titillating My Sexy Saturday posts, click here. My snippet comes from my November 18, 2014 release, Czech Mate, Navy SEALs of Valor 2.


Czech Mate - Navy SEALs of Valor 2 (ebook)

First, here’s the blurb:

Captain Baylee Stiles is attacked by a mysterious gunman at the Bagram Air Force Base Exchange. She’s blindsided by attraction when Navy SEAL Nathan Brooks risks his life to rescue her. Battling to fight down her feelings and protect herself from her painful past, Baylee puts up a bristly front as they team up to track down the gunman.

Women rarely hold Nathan’s attention for longer than one night–until he smashes into Baylee. Not only does he feel raging attraction for the beauty with the platinum blonde hair, he also finds her fiery temperament intriguing and a challenge. When Nathan is ordered to take medical leave, he decides to meet up with his best friend and SEAL teammate Darryl, and his new love, Olivia, in Prague. But only if he can persuade Baylee to join him.

Now for the sizzling snippet…

She ached to have Nathan peel off her uniform and make love to her under the starry sky. That’s crazy. Why not, the carefree side of herself argued. For three years, she’d done nothing but hide from feeling anything. The sexiest man alive wanted her and allowing her desire to carry her away felt right.

Even in the dim light, Baylee saw the glitter of desire in Nathan’s eyes. She knew from that look and his raspy breathing that he wanted her. And she wanted him. That’s why she allowed him to tip her onto her back on the bench, to spread apart her thighs with one knee. After he removed his arm brace and cast it aside, his hands unbuttoned her uniform, baring her skin and his hands slid inside to explore her breasts. The bra fastened in front and with a quick flick of his hand, he unsnapped it and her breasts fell free.

“Is this okay?” Nathan asked. One hand gently smoothed over her breast, sending excited heat scattering through her body.

Baylee’s head tipped back in a groan of pleasure. “Oh, yes, Nathan, it feels great. Please don’t stop.”

“You’re so beautiful Baylee and you really turn me on. If we keep on going, I don’t think I’ll be able stop.” His voice was raspy with lust.

Every nerve ending in her body was on fire for more of his touch. “This feels right, Nathan. Don’t worry. Just be with me.”

Nathan’s fingertips stroked her nipples, sending more warm heat scattering between her legs.

If you’re ready to immerse yourself in the whole story, you can download  Czech Mate – Navy SEALs of Valor 2 on Amazon for 2.99 ( or borrow for free from Kindle Unlimited)

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