My Sexy Saturday – November 22, 2014 – Czech Mate- Navy SEALs of Valor 2

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Every Saturday, a group of romance authors share sexy snippets from their published works or works-in-progress. To read some more My Sexy Saturday posts, click hereMy post comes from my November 18, 2014  release, Czech Mate (Navy Seals of Valor 2)

Czech Mate - Navy SEALs of Valor 2 (ebook)


First, here’s the blurb:

Captain Baylee Stiles is attacked by a mysterious gunman at the Bagram Air Force Base Exchange. She’s blindsided by attraction when Navy SEAL Nathan Brooks risks his life to rescue her. Battling to fight down her feelings and protect herself from her painful past, Baylee puts up a bristly front as they team up to track down the gunman.

Women rarely hold Nathan’s attention for longer than one night–until he smashes into Baylee. Not only does he feel raging attraction for the beauty with the platinum blonde hair, he also finds her fiery temperament intriguing and a challenge. When Nathan is ordered to take medical leave, he decides to meet up with his best friend and SEAL teammate Darryl, and his new love, Olivia, in Prague. But only if he can persuade Baylee to join him.

Now for the Sexy Saturday excerpt – the volatile meeting between Navy SEAL Nathan and Air Force Captain Baylee:

Baylee pushed up on her hands and knees and looked up at the stunning man, who had risen to his feet and towered over her prostrate form. The top button on his uniform had come undone, revealing wisps of dark chest hair. Everything about the man’s features from his immense muscular frame to his dark hair, thick brows and blocky facial features screamed strong, masculine and sexy. She cleared her throat and willed herself to concentrate. “He threatened to kill me if I didn’t give him access to the mission control center.”

“Yes, I heard the whole interchange.” The man extended a large, sturdy hand in her direction. “Here, let me help you up.”

“Thanks.” Taking a lunging step forward, she reached for the man’s large, strong hand. Electric heat spiraled through her body as he pulled her to her feet. She was reluctant to release his firm, comforting grip. Once she did, she jammed her hands into her uniform pockets, hoping he wouldn’t sense her nervousness. She’d nearly forgotten what attraction felt like… after three lonely, painful years. Suddenly she felt like a giddy high school girl. “We need a plan.”

“I’ll call security. If he’s headed for mission control, they can intercept him there. I’m Nathan Brooks by the way.” Nathan reached for her hand a second time.

She jerked her right hand out of her pocket, vowing not to be wowed by the attraction she knew she’d feel once their hands connected again. Her facade was supposed to be tough and in control, not silly and frivolous and tending to melt into mush. Her hand trembled in anticipation of his touch. “Baylee Stiles.” When the handshake ended, she frowned and perched her hands on her hips.

”I better get to this call.” After dialing a number on his smart phone touch screen Nathan held the phone up to his ear and turned his back to her. His uniform clung to his tight buttocks and showcased his broad back.

She licked her lips, distracted by the view. She struggled to tame her mind so she could focus on what Nathan was saying. When he mentioned pursuing the gunman once he got the Air Force Captain to a safe location, her chest tightened. Dust swirled up from the parched ground as she leaped in front of him, interrupting his conversation. “What did you just say?”

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