Thursday Tasters – August 28, 2014 – Amalfi Affair – Navy SEALs of Valor 1

By | August 28, 2014

I am one of several authors participating in Thursday Tasters, where we let you sample a little of our work. If you’d like to read some more of these delicious tidbits, please click here.

My sample comes from my August 17 release, Amalfi Affair – Navy SEALs of Valor 1.

Amalfi Affair Navy SEALs of Valor 1 (ebook)3

But first, here’s the blurb:

On a cycling tour through the Swiss Alps, CIA agent, Olivia Simpson, meets handsome Navy SEAL, Darryl Jennings. Her lust shifts into overdrive for this man on leave from missions he won’t discuss. A one night stands leads to a blissful week traveling the Amalfi Coast. Because of their secretive careers, their love affair is destined to end. Olivia immerses herself into her Intelligence work with memories of Darryl never far from the surface. When she receives a surprise phone call from him nine months later, she dashes off to meet him in Italy. Too late, she realizes the call had been made by an imposter to lure her into a trap.

Despite Darryl’s decision to end his relationship with Olivia, he returns to his missions in Afghanistan unable to shake her from his heart. Regret for letting her go gnaws at him until he decides to search for her. After following numerous dead end leads, he gives up on ever finding the elusive woman who stole his heart nine months prior. When he’s called in for a mission to rescue a high-level intelligence officer who’s been kidnapped, he realizes the woman in question is his Olivia. Pressure mounts as he becomes embroiled in a mission where the fate of his country and his true love falls on his shoulders.

In this scene, Olivia believes she’s finally going to reunite with her lost lover…

Olivia Simpson had been thrilled to hear Darryl’s voice on the phone. After months apart, she was finally going to reunite with her lost lover. She’d flown to Italy on the first available flight.

After taking the Amalfi Coast ferry to Positano, she checked into a seaside hotel, spent hours primping in the room and rushed to the restaurant where she and Darryl had planned to meet. Olivia had reserved the same outdoor table where they’d dined together so many months ago—the one with the most prominent view of the Tyrrhenian Sea. She crossed her legs, flipped through the wine list and waited. A couple sat down and held hands across the table. Olivia sighed and glanced at her watch. Fifteen minutes late. Don’t worry, she told herself. In a few more minutes, you’ll be in his arms.

After thirty minutes passed, Olivia ordered a bottle of Pinot Grigio. She gazed out at the beach and the seemingly endless sea. Families and couples frolicked in the water and the myriad yachts and other anchored boats in the harbor bobbed on the brilliant blue waves.

She glanced at her watch again and sighed. So, he’s an hour late. He probably got tied up in traffic. Olivia poured herself a second glass of wine. More diners sipped wine and limoncellos, lingered over four course meals, and left. Olivia checked the time again. Two hours late. I hope he didn’t get in an accident. She poured the remainder of the wine into her glass.

Another ferry docked, collected passengers and left. The church clock tower chimed eight o’clock. Despair hung heavy in her heart. How could I have been such a fool to fall in love with him? Still, she continued to wait, her hands clasped, hoping.


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5 thoughts on “Thursday Tasters – August 28, 2014 – Amalfi Affair – Navy SEALs of Valor 1

  1. Naomi

    Oh why do we women torture ourselves for love. I hope he arrives soon. Great taster

  2. Pablo Michaels

    How long will she wait until she realizes he’s not showing up. A very long debate must be racing through her mind thinking of the possible reasons he hasn’t appeared. I’m curious to discover how she’s kidnapped and their ultimate reumnion.


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