My Sexy Saturday – August 23, 2014 – Amalfi Affair – Navy SEALs of Valor 1

By | August 22, 2014

Every Saturday, a group of romance authors share sexy snippets from their published works or works-in-progress. To read some more My Sexy Saturday posts, click here.

My snippet comes from my August 18 release AMALFI AFFAIR (Navy Seals of Valor 1). In this scene, Olivia realizes she’s in love with Darryl…and that their time together is about to end.

Amalfi Affair Navy SEALs of Valor 1 (ebook)3

Olivia’s mind was floating away on a post-sex high as they ran and pranced through the water naked, laughing and talking. The breeze and the splash of chilly water chilled her bare breasts and wet sand squeezed between her toes.  She wondered if he was relishing this experience as much as she was. He certainly seemed to be having the time of his life.

Olivia was tempted to spill the truth about her career. What difference does it make? Their week of passion was almost over. She couldn’t risk ruining their final hours together by changing her story.

In the end, this deception wouldn’t matter much. They’d go back to their solitary lives and occasionally look back on these carefree days. She knew for a fact she’d never forget Darryl. She loved him, but then told herself that she couldn’t. Who falls in love in a week?

I do, her heart whispered. She tried to fight her emotions down with logic. For all she knew, he’d only shown the best side of himself and after another month, she’d be desperate to escape his dark moods and other flaws. It was difficult to imagine him acting differently, though. He wasn’t perfect. Even though he was strong and determined and a true patriot, he suffered bouts of post-traumatic stress disorder and kept his heart tightly locked away. But she was damaged, too—walking through life with protective armor around her heart, afraid to get close to someone. The two of them together made sense. Their deep understanding of each other’s lives had brought them closer and a long-time partnership might help heal their nasty wounds.

Darryl splashed a sheet of water in her direction and she turned and splashed him back. He grabbed her arm and pulled her in toward him. “You’re getting rather out of line. I might just have to dunk you.”

“Better not,” said Olivia, pushing his hand away. But before she could step out of reach, he’d scooped her up and dropped into the cool seawater, holding her in his arms.

A second later he surfaced still holding her. “Hey, no fair,” she sputtered. “I could have swallowed water.”

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