My Sexy Saturday – February 1, 2014

By | February 1, 2014

Every Saturday, a group of talented authors post 7 words, 7 lines or 7 paragraphs from a published book or work in progress. You can read some other My Sexy Saturday author posts by clicking here.

Today’s post comes from my contemporary romance NEVER LET YOU GO, which I plan to release on or before February 8.

Contemporary Romance NEVER LET YOU GO


First for the blurb…

For ten years, Sydney and her husband, Craig, tried to have a baby without success. Sydney is devastated when Craig tells her he’s met someone else. Desperate to escape, she books a flight to the Bocas del Toro Islands in Panama. She hopes the remote location will help her cope with being abandoned and her lost dream of becoming a mother. Her spontaneous decision brings about a surprising change in the course of her life.


Lucas has just rescued Sydney and a baby boy from the ocean after a plane crash. Sydney is coping with sudden motherhood and an alarming attraction for her rescuer.


Here’s my sexy Saturday Post:


Sydney wanted to convince him she was financially well off without mentioning her unusual line of work or her husband. If the man knew how much money she’d made on Amazon last month, he would probably choke on his tonsils, but at least it would keep him from feeling like he needed to offer her discounts. “Thanks, Lucas. I just wanted you to know I can pay.”

He turned toward her and raised an eyebrow as his gaze wandered over the jeans and torn blouse that clung like a second skin to her body. The flirtatious smile he flashed her nearly made her stumble again. “I’m sure you can. But right now you need to get to your room without falling on your face.”

Embarrassment heated her face. “Yes, that would be good.”

She followed him up the beach to a narrow path that led through a lush jungle of trees, surrounded by low-to-the ground ferns, palms, and sea grapes. What had he been thinking when he’d studied her so closely? He’d appeared to be pleased with the view. Does he feel the same head-swirling attraction I feel? Every time the man looked at her or touched her, every nerve ending in her body burned with fiery heat. 

Despite the density of the plants around them, the path’s margins were lined in seashells and neatly trimmed back so no branches or ferns brushed her legs. They approached an L-shaped wooden structure screened on most of its sides, perched high up in the trees on sturdy supporting stilts. There had to be more than fifty steps to the top. “I bet this room wouldn’t appeal to a guest who drives around the parking lot three times to find a place right ten feet from the grocery entrance.”

A fun-loving smile broke over Lucas’s face, making him look almost boyish.  “You’re right about that, Sydney, but those aren’t the guests we aim to attract. Once we get up to the front porch, you’ll understand why I built the rooms this way.”

“You built all these? That must have been a lot of work.”



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  1. Evelise Archer

    What a beautiful story. Looking forward to the release.


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