My Sexy Saturday – October 26th – from Seaside Seduction

By | October 26, 2013

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This story is written entirely from Nick’s point-of-view. In this scene, Nick is fantasizing about Selena – the woman he’s recently rescued from the ocean. He’s offered to let her stay with him to recover at his Cabo San Luca mansion until her memory returns.



I recalled how soft and sensuous her lips had felt under mine when I’d resuscitated her. I imagined her lying on a blanket in the sand; her lips willingly open to mine. Our kisses would quickly advance from gentle to hungry and desperate. I’d taste her lips, memorize their shape with my mouth and tongue and then explore the inside of her mouth until she groaned, aching for my hard member to breach her slit.

I’d savor every minute. I’d nibble on the nape of her neck, her earlobe, and trace my tongue over the line of her collarbone. I’d peel off her dress and cup her supple white breasts in my hands. I’d skim my hand over her nipples until they hardened into pert peaks and then I’d taste them. No contour of her voluptuous physique would be missed; I’d explore every delicious inch of her with my fingertips, then with my tongue and lips, touching, tasting, smelling.  I imagined my fingers sliding inside the warm wet cave between her thighs.

My cock hardened at the thought, aching with want. I rose from my chair and walked into my bedroom. Imagining myself perched over her opened thighs, sliding myself inch by inch into her tight opening, I yanked off my pants and gripped my shaft, pumping it up and down.

I closed my mind and imagined her moan of ecstasy, the toss of her head, the lusty golden glitter in her eyes and her parted lips as we moved together, soaring toward a pinnacle of delight.

A spurt of relief restored my equilibrium. I showered, imagining what it would be like to hold her in my arms after we made love, to feel the tickle of her hair and her warm breath on my chest, to feel her heartbeat.  That fantasy floated through my mind like a cloud as I returned to my desk.

But Selena’s situation is too uncertain, my rational mind argued.  Involvement wasn’t wise, even though her attraction for me was clear as day and her Internet search confirmed she was single.

There still could be a boyfriend. If she were my girlfriend, I’d be frantic to find her. And if he happened to be a murderer…I tried to convince myself these thoughts were ridiculous.

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4 thoughts on “My Sexy Saturday – October 26th – from Seaside Seduction

    1. sabrinaromances Post author

      Hi Shelley,
      I’m glad you enjoyed the excerpt and think the cover looks pleasing. Jaycee DeLorenzo designed my cover. 🙂

  1. KC Kendricks

    Great excerpt. Really makes one curious as to what’s going to happen. And I agree – the cover is really good. It certainly fits the seven paragraphs. – KC


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