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By | October 23, 2013


I am one of many talented authors who share excerpts from their books and/or works-in-progress every Wednesday on Hump Day Hook. If you’d like to read some more enticing author hooks, please follow this link.

This short excerpt, from my recent release, SEASIDE SEDUCTION, gives the reader some insight into the types of women who have been chasing Nick. In this scene, he’s just pulled Selena from the ocean and she can’t remember how she got there and is feeling threatened by him. This contemporary erotic suspense was written entirely from Nick’s point-of-view. Here’s the blurb…

Wealthy defense systems CEO Nicholas Gallero spots a mysterious woman in the Sea of Cortez while whale watching from the patio of his Cabo San Lucas mansion. When he realizes she’s in trouble, he rushes to save her. He’s instantly attracted to the voluptuous dark haired Selena Gomez. When Selena says she doesn’t remember how she ended up in Cabo, he invites her back to his house. Business as usual ends and his suspenseful romantic adventure begins.




It amused me that she considered me, the perpetual workaholic, a threat, yet her vulnerable and confused expression tugged on an unfamiliar region inside my chest. I was accustomed to women draping themselves all over me at parties—not out of any interest in me as a man—but because they were drawn to my money like vultures. This woman wasn’t about to like me unless I showed her I was worthy. For some reason, this challenge thrilled me. I wanted to gain her trust. “Yes, I’m sure. If you don’t believe me, I can let you speak with my chief engineer, Michael. He’ll tell you I only get entangled with work. I’m Nicholas by the way. But you can call me Nick.”

If you’d like to read more, you can download it for 2.99 on Amazon.



8 thoughts on “Hump Day Hook – October 23, 2013 – from Seaside Seduction

    1. sabrinaromances Post author

      Right now she’s just a little freaked because she’s got amnesia, Jessica. But Nick will soon grow on her…

    1. sabrinaromances Post author

      Yes, Nick’s cool. He’s up to about anything 🙂


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