Hump Day Hook – from soon-to-be-released Seaside Seduction

By | September 25, 2013

I am one of many talented authors who share excerpts from their books and/or works-in-progress every Wednesday on Hump Day Hook. If you’d like to read some more enticing author hooks, please follow this link.

This short excerpt, the moment leading up to the first kiss, is from SEASIDE SEDUCTION. This book, to be released in October, is written entirely from the male point-of-view. But first, the blurb…

Wealthy defense systems CEO Nicholas Gallero spots a mysterious woman in the Sea of Cortez while whale watching from the patio of his Cabo San Lucas mansion. When he realizes she’s in trouble, he rushes to save her. He’s instantly attracted to the voluptuous dark haired Selena Gomez. When Selena says she doesn’t remember how she ended up in Cabo, he invites her back to his house. Business as usual ends and his suspenseful romantic adventure begins.


By now my eyes had adjusted to the scant light the moon provided and I could see every delicate feature of her face. Her succulent lips were less than an inch from mine. She’s a goddess.

Her lips curled up in a smile and she reached out and traced a finger across my cheek before bringing it to her lips. “If my memory doesn’t come back, that doctor friend of yours might not let me travel and you might end up stuck with me for a long time.”

The possibility struck me as more appealing than problematic. I can familiarize myself with every nook and cranny of her naked body until she’s so relaxed in my company, she walks around the house naked or in silky underwear. “Hmm.” As my heart drummed out a frenetic pulse inside my chest, I imagined the sensation of our lips meeting. I wanted her to be the one to break through that tiny barrier of space that remained between us. Selena wasn’t another one-night stand—she was more like a dream.

6 thoughts on “Hump Day Hook – from soon-to-be-released Seaside Seduction

  1. Ellen Cross

    I could feel Nic’s desperate longing for Selena, yet his patience as he waits for her to make the move *sigh* I would melt into a gooey puddle if the sexual tension wasn’t sizzling between them 😀 Awesome excerpt!!


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