My Sexy Saturday – from WIP Plunge into Destiny

By | September 21, 2013

Every Saturday, a group of talented authors post 7 words, 7 lines or 7 paragraphs from a published book or work in progress. You can read some other My Sexy Saturday author posts by clicking here. My excerpt here comes from my work-in-progress, Plunge into Destiny.

Her husband says it’s over so Tara flees for the Bocos del Toro Islands off the coast of Panama. When the plane crashes in the sea, she finds herself the sudden mother of a blond-haired four-month old boy, Kevin. The two are rescued by the gorgeous Lucas and Tara soon falls in love with her new child and the man who patiently teaches her how to care for him.

The plane’s structure cracked and groaned as the plane plunged downward. My head swam and fear constricted my throat, making it hard to breathe. I gasped for breath. This is it. We’re going to crash. People screamed. Oh my god.

I clamped my eyes shut and interlaced my hands, bracing for the death I felt certain would come. Why couldn’t I have had a second chance? The plane struck the water with and a stab of pain shot through my chest as I hit the seat in front of me. Water rushed around me and I opened my eyes to darkness.


3 thoughts on “My Sexy Saturday – from WIP Plunge into Destiny

  1. Ellen Cross

    You sure know how to pack in the suspense!! I can’t wait for this one to be finished. It sounds like it will be another “can’t put it down until the last page is read” book! 😀


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