My Sexy Saturday – September 31 – Seaside Seduction

By | August 31, 2013

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This little excerpt is from my WIP, SEASIDE SEDUCTION, which I plan to publish late in September. The story is written entirely from the male point-of-view.

Here’s the blurb…

Wealthy defense systems CEO Nicholas Gallero spots a mysterious woman in the Sea of Cortez while whale watching from the patio of his Cabo San Lucas mansion. When he realizes she’s in trouble, he rushes to save her. He’s instantly attracted to the voluptuous dark haired Selena Gomez. When Selena says she doesn’t remember how she ended up in Cabo, he invites her back to his house. Business as usual ends and his suspenseful romantic adventure begins.





In this little snippet, defense systems executive Nicholas Gallero has just rescued a mysterious drowning woman from the Sea of Cortez and invited her inside his house.


Her wet feet slid across the tile like they were gliding over ice. She stopped walking and crossed her arms over her chest as she noticed the pool of water gathering at her feet. “Your house is so beautiful and I’m making such a mess.”

I imagined untying the bikini and drying every inch of her voluptuous body off with a towel. “Don’t worry, I can remedy that problem rather quickly.” Talk about a Freudian slip. My face reddened.

Thankfully, Felicita strode into the room before I could tie myself up in worse knots. She gazed at me with one brow raised. The sides of her lips turned up in amusement when her eyes fastened on the nipple poking out of Selena’s suit top. “You didn’t tell me you were expecting a visitor.”     

I pulled my shoulder blades back, trying to adopt a rigid stance that would convince her and myself that this Selena situation was all about playing the hero and doing the right thing. “I’m sorry, Felicita. Selena’s visit is a bit unexpected.  She just suffered an unfortunate accident. Could you please bring two towels and bathrobes from my closet?”

“Yes, of course, sir, I’ll be right back.” She gave him a curt nod, did an about face and briskly strode from the room.

I swept my gaze away from Selena’s nipple that had grown hard in the air-conditioned room. I cleared my throat, tugged at my bare chest and hoped she’d get the hint.

Selena looked down and blushed as she yanked the yellow bikini top back into position. She angled her body away from me. “This whole situation is so awkward. I don’t have any identification or any money. I feel so helpless.” Her feminine voice shook with distress.




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