Hump Day Hook – August 28, 2013 – Seaside Seduction

By | August 28, 2013

I am one of many talented authors who share excerpts from their books and/or works-in-progress every Wednesday on Hump Day Hook. If you’d like to read some more enticing author hooks, please follow this link.


This little excerpt is from my WIP, SEASIDE SEDUCTION, which I plan to publish late in September. The story is written entirely from the male point-of-view.



In this little snippet, defense systems executive Nicholas Gallero is fighting off erotic thoughts  that he’s feeling in full force for the woman he recently rescued from the Sea of Cortez.

My gaze drifted over her sleek, yet muscled thighs, her smooth flat stomach and the mounds of her breasts. I’d like to take a bite of you, too. I cleared my throat and willed the rogue thoughts to dissipate. But instead they advanced to thoughts of biting her toes and working my tongue toward the delicious wetness between her thighs.

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