My Sexy Saturday – July 20 – from Love in the Labyrinths #2, The Unseen

By | July 20, 2013

Every Saturday, a group of talented authors post 7 words, 7 lines or 7 paragraphs from a published book or work in progress. You can read some other My Sexy Saturday author posts by clicking here.   My post this morning comes from my soon-to-be-released (August 1) contemporary romantic adventure, The Unseen (second book in the LOVE IN THE LABYRINTHS series).


Blurb: After gemstone smugglers murder three men, Kent Dunbar pretends to abandon his exploration of Vietnam’s Mountain River Cave, arranges to send the female assistants, including his new love, Rebecca Devereaux, back to the States, and enlists help from a team of Vietnam Veterans who served with his father.

Rebecca, shocked and hurt by Kent’s rejection, suspects something’s afoot. At the airport about to depart, she overhears some buff older men talking and realizes they’ve arrived to help Kent carry on his mission. Rebecca convinces her best friend, Amanda, to stay and when the flight is cancelled, the other assistant, Bunny ends up with them as well.

Passion ignites when Rebecca and Kent reunite. While Bunny is sent to a comfortable hotel, Rebecca and Amanda join the men on the adventure. But before long a killer’s pursuing Bunny, Amanda and Tom are kidnapped, and the smugglers start wielding special powers. Will the adventurers be able to outwit the smugglers?

Heat spiraled through her as he pulled her in tighter and she felt the press of his thigh muscles and burgeoning penis. He pressed her lips apart, and penetrated her mouth with his tongue, making her ache to feel his maleness plunging in side of her. He slid one hand down between her thighs and massaged her clit, releasing some of her silky wetness before he slid two fingers inside of her opening.

The movements of his fingers combined with the mating of their tongues brought her close to the edge. But she wanted to come with him deep inside of her. She pulled back from him, noticing how enormous he was fully swollen. She couldn’t wait for him to sink his full length inside of her from the back.

2 thoughts on “My Sexy Saturday – July 20 – from Love in the Labyrinths #2, The Unseen

  1. Ellen Cross

    This excerpt gives me shivers. So very sensual, and seriously sexy! Awesome snippet. I had the pleasure of reading the first of this series–Dangerous Descent–and can thoroughly recommend it to anyone wanting a brilliantly heated romance. I can’t wait to read this one when it comes out!

  2. Lynn Crain

    Fantastic excerpt. Very sexy and exciting. The story sizzles on the page. Can’t wait for it’s debut!

    Thanks for sharing and being a part of My Sexy Saturday.

    See you next week.


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