Hump Day Hook – Post 13

By | May 8, 2013

I am one of many talented authors who share excerpts from their books and/or works-in-progress every Wednesday on Hump Day Hook. If you’d like to read some more enticing author hooks, please follow this link.

My hump day hook for the day comes from my contemporary sports romance, THE OPEN WATER SWIMMER. After meeting the man from her dreams who she believes is going to drown during an ocean race, she decides to go undercover as a race official. The only problem is, she doesn’t know how to swim. Last week, she bought her first real racing suit. Now she’s taking her first swimming lesson In Greece…

The bronze statue who stood by the lagoon-shaped pool looked her up and down as she approached. “You must be Miss Dana. I am Takis.”

“Nice to meet you,” Dana said, shaking his hand. Shoulder length dark curls framed a face a sculptor couldn’t improve on and enormous lashes decorated brown eyes. His face held her eyes captive for a moment before they veered down the rest of his body and her mouth fell open in an O.

“Maybe we should start in the pool,” she said. “I’m afraid of the ocean.”

“Oh, that is very unique problem,” he said. He scratched his chin for a minute and waved a hand up in the air as if he’d experienced an aha moment. “In that case I give you the Greek swimming introduction.”

“Okay. And what does that involve?” she asked.

“I will explain to you very soon.” He kept his gaze focused on the sand.

Once she tugged up the back of the suit just in case, Dana said, “Okay, I’m set.” He’ll recite romantic Greek poetry about the sea, which will lure me into the lapping waves. She curled her toes, relishing the warmth of the snowy white sand.

He stared at her waist, then leaned into her and tossed her like a potato sack over his shoulder.

“What are you doing?” she yelled. People turned away from cocktails and conversation to stare. Just let me drown already before I have to face them at dinner.

“Greek swimming introduction,” he said as he waded several feet out and dropped her into the water.

 Will she ever actually learn to swim? Download the this contemporary sports romance to find out!


8 thoughts on “Hump Day Hook – Post 13

  1. Alexandra anthony

    I always love it when a man hoists a woman over his shoulder like that. I may like strong females, but to imagine a man doing that…yum!

  2. elingregory

    Fabulous. Takis sounds my kind of mental image. 🙂 Also “an enormous” what? I think there may be a word or two missing.

    1. Sabrina Devonshire

      Just the “d” on “and.” I’m not too good at typing these blurbs in the mornings. There aren’t errors in the actual book, though 🙂

  3. Ellen Cross

    Love it, Love it, Love it!! Takis certainly has a way to evaporate any romantic thoughts aimed his way lol.
    Awesome hook!


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