Hump Day Hook – Post 4

By | March 6, 2013

For this week’s Hump Day Hook, I’m sharing an excerpt from the erotic and often humorous sci fi adventure, MESSAGE FROM VIOLA MARI where Marissa Jones meets  science fiction writing class teacher, Justin Lincoln, for the very first time.
His tall physique was lean and muscular, and damp unruly blond curls fell below his shoulders. Either he had washed his hair recently or he’d just worked out. Maybe an episode of intercourse dampened his hair, I thought, before I covered my flushed face with my hand and pretended to study papers on my desk.

Once my face cooled, I cautiously glanced up. He wore knee-length khaki shorts with threads hanging loose, a black crew neck T-shirt and a pair of Brooks running shoes. California was way more casual than the East Coast, but this guy gave a whole new meaning to the word. Maybe next week, he’ll show up in his underwear. The image made me laugh, which sent several pairs of eyes looking my way, so I coughed to make my burst of psychotic behavior appear less awkward. When Jennifer glanced at me curiously, I shrugged.

He pulled a stack of papers from his black backpack and introduced himself. “I’m Justin Lincoln.” He continued speaking and walked toward me. The gold flecks in his emerald green eyes captivated my attention. I blinked and tried unsuccessfully to look away from him.
Would you like to read more? You can order it from Amazon and Extasy Books as well as most other third-party book sources.  If you’d like to read some hooks written by other authors, click here

13 thoughts on “Hump Day Hook – Post 4

  1. Sabrina Devonshire

    Hi Jennifer, my book character, Jennifer, is Marissa’s best friend, who coerced Marissa to take the writing class in the first place. Marissa is a scientist, not a creative type, and also quite out of it when it comes to men, so her life’s about to get shaken up…

  2. Mandy Earles

    I really get a feel for her personality. I like how she giggles at her own thoughts. I do that a lot 🙂 Nice job. Can’t wait to read more!


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