My Husband – the "What I Just Read About" Guinea Pig

By | February 11, 2013

If I want to see my husband bolt like greased lightning from the room, all I have to do is say, “I just read about this in a romance novel and wondered if I could try it on you?” Since I say this pretty often, I’m thinking he might be fast enough to qualify for the next Olympics by year’s end.

I devour books like some people go for chocolate – voraciously. I’ve already read several books this month. As an erotic romance author, I’m drawn to books spilling over with deliciously sexy scenes. Naturally, whenever curious me encounters a modality I haven’t experienced before, I want to try it out with my husband. While other wives nag their husbands to repair broken toilets, I say, “honey, will you take off your clothes?” or “I have this little gadget I’d like to try on you.” And this is totally justifiable. Everyone knows the importance of writers doing their research…

“Do you think you would like this?” I often ask. Usually, his face turns fifty shades of white before his blurred body flies from the room. Sometimes he rolls his eyes. On a good day, he’ll say, “All right, why not?” Today happened to be one of those days…

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