Trials of Being a New Author

By | September 30, 2012

So now I’m not only a published magazine writer, but a published author as well and nothing could thrill me more. But I’m finding the hardest part of being the new kid on the block is finding a way to be seen. A well-known author’s book comes up at the top of the list on Amazon in numerous categories, but most buyers never see new authors’ books when they search for another read on their reader. In the upcoming months, I’m aiming to get my book into the hands of readers I’m fairly certain will enjoy my work. As fellow authors and friends, I’m officially recruiting you as members of my sales force!

I’m asking you to refer at least two people who are regular readers of romantic suspense to my web site. If they read my book and love it, you’ve helped them because they’ve found a good read and can look to me in the future for more of them. And if they buy The Open Water Swimmer, my ratings go up on Amazon and I earn more money for the years I’ve invested in writing and reworking this manuscript. Thank you in advance for supporting my efforts 🙂

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